Lash Crafts

Get a darker lash line with increased length and curl for your natural lashes. Suitable if you love to keep your make up simple and as natural as possible. 
Natural (2D)
Making you look like you’re born with naturally long and volume lashes. This is for the one that does not want a too dramatic look, yet looking for a fuller coverage of lashes.
Volume Fluffy (3D)
Look confident and youthful with Volume Fluffy as it makes your eyes look more awake. Fill your natural lash gaps and increase your attraction 3 times more.
Volume Chic (4D)
Be ready for any events such as weddings or parties with Volume Chic. Look amazing with our extremely light weight lashes and be ready to shine all day.
Volume Glam (5D)
Be the star with a full and voluminous look. You’ll always be camera ready with Volume Glam as you get a slightly dramatic look, and is perfect for photo shoots or filming.
Volume Vogue (6D)
Look seductively beautiful with Volume Vogue and appear with soft, fluffier lashes. Be surprised with the light weight and comfort for everyday wear.
Kim K
Be bold and sexy with Kim K lashes. Named after a famous Hollywood celebrity, this is definitely one of the lash trends to note.

Lash Designs

Eyelash Extensions Design - Natural Look


Eyelash Extensions Design - Dolly Look


Eyelash Extensions Design - Sexy Look


Eyelash Extensions Design - Gorgeous Look



Types of Eyelash Extensions Length


Types of Eyelash Extensions Curl

Frequently asked questions

How Long Can My Lash Extensions Last?

Generally it can last from 3 – 5 weeks depending on your lifestyle and aftercare. Lash will usually look as good as extended during the first week, thereafter the lash strands will slowly fall off due to the growth of your natural lashes.

Will extensions affect my real lash and cause my natural lash to drop?

It will not affect the growth of your real natural lash. But do note that natural lash have a life cycle of 30 – 60 days, and the extended lash will fall off when the natural lash falls. Thus, it is not advisable to rub your eyes, and refrain from using too much oil-based make up removal towards the eye area.

Is Eyelash extensions painful?

Our technician technique will ensure that the extensions won’t touch your skin. And the extensions are soft and light, and you’ll feel as natural as possible. The glue we use are also for people with sensitive eyes. So no, eyelash extensions aren’t painful.

How Long is a eyelash extension session?

For classic eyelash extension, it will take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. For volume eyelash extension, it will take about 2 hours to 3 hours. Touch up session will usually take about 1.5 hours to 2 hours averagely.

how long before a touch up is required?

Depending on your lifestyle, usually a touch-up can be done 2 – 3 weeks after the extensions to maintain the original look.

will eyelash extensions cause infections or sensitive eyes?

Extensions are attached away from the lash line or direct contact with your skin, so it does not cause abrasion or irritation to your eyes. Lashes are solely attached to your natural eyelashes only.

can i still put on mascara?

It is not needed to put mascara. The effects of the extensions gives a mascara effect or even nicer. Putting mascara cause the lash to fall off faster, and it will cause the removal process to be more difficult.

can i still wash my face regularly?

Yes. You may wash your face as usual and continue with your daily lifestyle. But do note that aftercare is still required, if you want your lash extensions to last longer.

can lower lash be extended?

Yes, but it can only last about 2 weeks because it will rub against the upper eye lid.

why is there a wide difference in lash prices at different studios?

There are good and inferior quality eyelash extension products (e.g. types of lashes and glue). There are also different techniques and quality of skills of the technician.