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Head out with light or natural make up and look great - Project Lash Studio Singapore

Lash Crafts

Get a darker lash line with increased length and curl for your natural lashes. Suitable if you love to keep your make up simple and as natural as possible. 
Natural (2D)
Making you look like you’re born with naturally long and volume lashes. This is for the one that does not want a too dramatic look, yet looking for a fuller coverage of lashes.
Volume Fluffy (3D)
Look confident and youthful with Volume Fluffy as it makes your eyes look more awake. Fill your natural lash gaps and increase your attraction 3 times more.
Volume Chic (4D)
Be ready for any events such as weddings or parties with Volume Chic. Look amazing with our extremely light weight lashes and be ready to shine all day.
Volume Glam (5D)
Be the star with a full and voluminous look. You’ll always be camera ready with Volume Glam as you get a slightly dramatic look, and is perfect for photo shoots or filming.
Volume Vogue (6D)
Look seductively beautiful with Volume Vogue and appear with soft, fluffier lashes. Be surprised with the light weight and comfort for everyday wear.
Kim K
Be bold and sexy with Kim K lashes. Named after a famous Hollywood celebrity, this is definitely one of the lash trends to note.

Lash Lifts

Lash Lift
Like a perm to your natural eyelashes, Lash Lift makes your lashes look longer and fuller. Choose from 3 different curl types and how lifted you want your lash to be.
Lash Lift & Tint
Add a tint to your lash lift to make it look darker, thicker and even more full. Lash Tint is like adding a coat of mascara to your lashes to make it look even better.