Volume Vogue (6D)
Look seductively beautiful with Volume Vogue and appear with soft, fluffier lashes. Be surprised with the light weight and comfort for everyday wear.

A deposit of SGD $20 will be required upon Book Now, and the balance to be paid at our studio upon completion of your lash session.

Secure your slot NOW before you have to wait longer for the next slot!

* Session will take about 2 hours 30 minutes to complete.

*IMPORTANT!* - No lash extension can be done if you have any Lash Lift done 2 months prior your appointment date.

About Volume Vogue (6D)

With 6 extensions to 1 natural lash, get ready to look seductively beautiful with softer, fluffier lashes. Don’t get startled by the number of extensions used as you’ll be surprised with the light weight. Suitable for ladies who want a more dramatic look or don’t have a lot of lashes.

100% Hand Made Lash Fans

All lash fans used by P.L.S are painstakingly hand-made by our experienced lash artist to ensure the lightness and fluffiness of your extensions.

We do not use pre-made lashes purchased in the market as these are machine assisted lashes that do not allow for customization (no two natural lashes are the same). They are also pre-bonded at the base which causes more weight, and will damage your natural lashes if put on.

Choose Your Designs





Choose from our above 4 designs that you would like to have, or you may consult our lash artist on the suitable design before the session start. You may also let our experts know what kind of look you want to have and we will create one according to your expectations and satisfaction.

Length & Curl

Choose your length and curl type (if you have one in mind), or simply let our experts advise you on the most suitable length and curl for your eye shape and image that you want to have. (E.g. If you wear spectacles, you can’t have too long lashes as it may rub against your spectacles.)

We will also show you samples during the 1 to 1 consultation, and give you the best that we can.

Do's & Don't Before Your Appointment

- DO NOT apply any eye cream and oil-based products the day before your appointment. This may cause excessive falling of lash extensions.

- Advice NOT TO go for facial 3 days before your appointment. 

- NO mascara build up or NO usage of eyelash curlers before your appointment. 

- Please come with NO eye make up to make entire process faster. 

- NO lash extensions can be done if you have any lash lift done 2 months prior to your appointment date. 

- Always come for your appointment with squeaky clean lashes. Clean lashes = Longer Retention

What To Expect

1. Eyelash Consultation

Start off with a 1 to 1 consultation to decide on the design and lash type that will suit you the most. We also check for any allergies or sensitive eyes before we start any procedures.

2. Extensions Removal

P.L.S provides complimentary removal of existing extensions if your lash extensions is done by us. So don't worry about invisible additional charges when you visit us again with any balance lash extensions. However, there is a SGD$15 charge if your existing lash extensions are done by other studios.

3. Lash Cleansing

Dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup are removed with our complimentary lash spa. Lash retention rates are higher with clean lashes during the procedure and through after care.

4. The Lash Prep

Eye gel patches will be use to moisturize your under eyes and lighten your dark circles while we tape your upper eyelid and lower lashes down to separate them. It can be painful if your top and lower lashes are glued onto one another.

5. Lash Mapping

One of techniques that we use to plan and map out your selected style. Your lashes and eyes will be more enhanced and create a look that is completely bespoke to you.

6. Lash Isolation

Every lash is isolated and meticulously attached with patience and skill. Isolation allows your natural lash shedding process, which is important for healthy lashes. Your hair follicle will be damaged if lashes are not properly isolated as they may be pulled out.

7. lash Crafting

Like all high standards lash extension should be, all our extensions are attached carefully and placed 0.1mm away from your natural lash root. Sticking too close or onto your eyelid, will cause discomfort, making it painful and feel less natural to wear eyelash extensions. Your growth of natural lashes will also be harmed and affected.

Terms & Conditions

- A non-refundable deposit of SGD $20 will be required upon booking via our secure online payment, to secure your slot.

- Deposit collected via this website will be used to offset your lash services done. Balance to be paid at our studio upon completion of your lash session.

- Balance payment mode by Cash or PayNow / PayLah!

- No rescheduling of appointment can be done 2 days before your confirmed appointment date. (E.g. Your confirm appointment is on 20th January 2019, 10am. You won't be able to reschedule starting from 18th January 2019, 10am.) 

- Please be on time for appointment, no show within 15 minutes, deposit will be forfeited.

- No companions allowed due to limited space constraint.

- Each session takes about 2-3 hours as all lashes are hand-made fans.

- Slots are on a first come first served basis, and will only be confirmed once you receive a booking confirmation email from us.

- Individual results varies according to your natural lashes.

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Why Choose Us

Quality Guarantee

No one can tolerate low quality or untested products, so do us! Ensuring our products are of high quality and from safe sources is one of our priority. Our skillful artist will ensure you leave us happy, safe and beautiful! 

Full Refund If Unsatisfied

We rather you live with your natural lashes than let you have a pair of lash extensions that make you "stand out" in another way. So let us know if you are unsatisfied with our works before leaving our studio, and we will refund + remove the extensions before you leave. 

Free Refill For New Lash Set

2- 5 strands of your natural lashes does shed off naturally and your extensions will follow suit. We care about how you look always and want to give you the best. Just book a slot within 7 days from your last appointment date and we will make your beautiful lashes full again for FREE!  

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