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Christmas is a season of joy! And we would love to celebrate it with you. Enjoy up to 50% OFF for all of our eyelash services when you book now & visit us before 11th January 2021!

Just remember to book early so you can be sure that you're in time for your event, as slots are on a first come first serve basis.

Book online with us or WhatsApp us @ +65 8717 9566 (click here) for more enquiries.

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Get pampered at our privately-yours and tranquil studio environment, with every hand-made strand of lash planted with the highest standard and a safe distance from your lash line, to allow healthy growth of your natural lash...


Everyone is unique. There's no 1 design fits all lash. Thus, we customized your lash based on your eye shape and overall image. You may also let us know your ideal design or let our expert advise you on the design that will suit you.

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Project Lash Studio Singapore - Ultimate Lash Serum. Results in 4 to 6 weeks!
Formulated to strengthen eyelashes over time, so they are stronger and more resilient against breakage. It also helps lashes grow longer, thicker, fuller and healthier in just 4 to 6 weeks!

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No one can tolerate low quality or untested products, so do us! Ensuring our products are of high quality and from safe sources is one of our priority. Our skillful artist will ensure you leave us happy, safe and beautiful! 

Full Refund If Unsatisfied

We rather you live with your natural lashes than let you have a pair of lash extensions that make you "stand out" in another way. So let us know if you are unsatisfied with our works before leaving our studio, and we will refund + remove the extensions before you leave. 

Free Refill For New Lash Set

2- 5 strands of your natural lashes does shed off naturally and your extensions will follow suit. We care about how you look always and want to give you the best. Just book a slot within 7 days from your last appointment date and we will make your beautiful lashes full again for FREE!  

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